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"With Bonjour Soleil the ‘grande dame of the accordion’ has again set a new standard. Incomparably infectious music that she was able to transport to the stage of the Schauplatz together with her Auvrettes in an effortless and exciting manner."
(Siegener Zeitung)

    "Lydie Auvray embodies, like almost no-one else at present, what makes good accordion playing: the pure joy of life."
    (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

"… Lydie Auvray has accompanists with her who are not only her equals but are congenial as well, and with their play, so harmoniously adapted to each other, it is as if the sun is rising in wonderful sound."
(Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger)

    "… enticed not only virtuoso sounds from her instrument at her concert in the Räucherei, but screams of enthusiasm from an audience usually thought to be reserved."
    (Kieler Nachrichten)

"This music is timeless and comes straight from the heart. Lydie Auvray with her band, the Auvrettes, sweeps every gloomy thought out of people's heads. A concert to cure winter depressions."

TRIANGLE – "This is a perfect CD of music for everybody - for a variety of temperaments, for all ages and all occasions. It can be carefully listened to (being a CD which has been produced with much care) or appreciated just as background music, or by paying more attention to the music itself and to the vocals (addressing itself to all adult listeners).
One could call the music "POP" (meaning "popular" music) based above all upon melody. The melody is of great fascination and great communication always guided by the accordion or the great voice of Lydie. In some pieces (for example "Der vierte Mann"), the rhythm and modern setting seem to contrast the prominent melody. Personally I believe that these situations can produce something outstanding with much character. Lydie is a leader: all the art applies to her personality and the sound of her accordion (always equal and steady - as if being her voice), just as well as all her vocals in French language. This has surprised me a lot: as having at her disposal an instrument such as the accordion, Lydie always adopts her tone-colour, that becomes nearly her personal identity of sonority.
One day I hope to be able to meet her personally in order to ask her about this choice.
In this CD, there is also a good part dedicated to the Latin American inspiration; but also in these pieces the "Latin American" melody is in evidence but the base remains always that of a "song". A perfect CD of music for everybody - for a variety of temperaments, for all ages and all occasions."

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